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We have spent extensive time investigating every major email service on the market. Often these services can be shockingly expensive, starting at perhaps 50 and going up - quickly.

The cheaper services normally have poor in-box rates. You will find that your emails may not get to the customer in-box because another sender on the your same server is spamming. Services like Gmail simply blacklist the entire server.

Instead of selling you an over-priced service, we show you how to create email campagins you send for a few pence each.
Email for Rapidweaver
Sendy for Email
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How it works: we will create for you a professional template so you can simply add text and pictures. The needed software is installed and we show you how to use it. That's it, you have everything you need to send out thousands of emails for two or three Pounds a month.

If you're busy and disinclined to DYI, we can handle it all for you at low rates. Letting us do it will result in higher open rates and more conversions per campaign. Professionally Produced = Problem Solved.



The software creates forms that you can copy and paste. Visitors can subscribe on your website with no action on your part.


Laws in the EU are now quite strict and the software allows folks to unsubscribe with no action on your part.

Multiple List

Different visitors have different interest. Match subscribers to products they want to read about!

Reports Contain

  • Opened
  • Not Opened
  • Clicked a Link
  • Unsubscribed
  • Bounced
  • Marked as Spam
  • List of Countries
Sendy Reports


An auto responder is a feature that lets you automatically send email. An example may be thanking visitors for signing up. Maybe three days later you could send a note about a popular product. All of this happens without your input. Just set it up once and it runs.
Auto Responder

Flexible - with you in mind.

Let us design a package tailored to your needs. These is no cost and no obligations to find out what we would do for you.

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