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Radio and Television are highly effective marketing platforms. Yes, they are expensive but they also offer huge returns for the investment.

Did you know that 94% of people, 12 and over listen to the radio? Clearly, this is a medium that can drive a mass audience. But to take advantage of that audience, you will need the help of your radio ad rep (sales person). He will have details on how often the listener to that station will use a product in your category.

Radio Station WFFG - Florida Keys

One of the things you need to look at when considering radio advertising is CPP, or cost per point. This is the common yardstick you need to compare cost between stations. CPP is defined as how long it will take for that ad buy to reach one point, or one percent of the total listening audience. That cost is very easy to compare between radio stations.

The reach is the total number of people who will hear your ad and frequency is how often people hear that ad. Frequency is important because of Spaced Repetition. We learned in Lecture 1.1 that the Station’s listeners need to hear our ad at least six times before our advertising will become truly effective.

Let’s talk about television now: did you know that the average person watched 4.5 hours of television every day? Television is the most effective you can do. Not only are you going to reach a bigger audience, you are going to get a bigger ROI on your investment.

The down-side to this medium is the cost. Television is quite expensive and Dean recommends that you have an advertising agency help you when making your first buy. The idea is to minimize the risk.

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