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When used effectively, YouTube is simply awesome, or as our UK visitors will say: brilliant! Customers who come to you after watching your YouTube videos will ask fewer questions and be willing to spend more money.

Why? See The Credibility Statement. These customers have already seen your business and understand how you operate. They are pre-sold.

Almost all (97%) families going on vacation have at least one family member doing research during the planning phase. This is almost always Mom and when going on vacation, she is the decision-maker (TN Dept. of Tourism). Most of these researchers are watching video.

Phone and YouTube Videos

This is a critical point, it's the moment when the decisions are being made about where to go and what to see. Now is when you need to be found. A YouTube video channel is a great way to be part of that conversation.

If you do any research on this subject, you will find somebody who says that if you make 100 videos over 100 days, you will end up with a good-sized following for your channel. They are right.

Our Tourism Marketing videos have been watch for a total of 470,547 minutes. They have been watched by thousands of people from most nations on the planet. To purchase that amount of exposure would be prohibitively expensive. This is a cost effect way to find new customers.

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The other interesting thing about YouTube is that it is owned by Google. Google will rank some videos better than the company website. At one point, we were ranking about one in five of our videos in the Google top five search results for that topic. Unfortunately, Google is not now ranking video quite as highly.

The video above will show you the steps you need to take to begin ranking your videos in YouTube Search. As an aside, YouTube is the second biggest search engine and the third most visited site on the Internet. However, like most things Internet, it is more difficult to break through to the top of YouTube today. As the platform continues to grow, the competition can only become more intense.

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