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At first, an About Us page may seem - useless. Why should you add an About Us page to your website? People who read the About Us page are displaying a buyers behavior. They are doing due diligence before making a purchase. Obviously you want to help them in this process.

If you think about it, the first time folks do business with you, they will want to know who you are and they want to know if you are qualified to solve their problem. They are interested in their problem, not in where you went to school. They do not care about why the company was founded. The About Us page is not about you.

Visiting the About area on Facebook is another place where buyers are doing research. Get 10,000 Fans has shown that only a few people will visit the About page on Facebook, yet they account for almost half the visitors that go from Facebook to the website.

GSK's About Us text
Ingram Micro's About Us text

In the two examples above, one company talks about the benefits of what they do and the second company talks about features (infrastructure). The only other thing the first company may have done better would have been to change the text to second person (you) instead of third person (people). Both of these pages are right off the first page of Google search for About Us.

This video looks at a good and bad about us pages so you will see the differences. We even look at the text and stories that make up a page for a restaurant. This is all information you can use to create a great About Us page.

Video Transcript

This time I want to tell you all about
The About Us page. And guess what? It's
not about us at all. Here we go.
This is
the Karpaz Peninsula and that's the
Mediterranean coast behind me. This area
is famous for wild donkeys and beaches
that go on for kilometers that are
completely abandoned. Absolutely gorgeous
area. Now the About Us page: The About Us
Page as I mentioned really shouldn't be
about you at all and if your
page is talking about your company, you
may want to do a little bit about it. Let
me give you an example of what I'm
talking about: I give talks from time to
time and during these speeches I
oftentimes mention a local attorney. This
attorney has an About Us page on his
website and it talks about where he went
to school, his Air Force career, and his
wife. He loves his wife very much and she
works there at the office. From time to
time the kids come by and they help do
filing. Now this goes on for quite a
while and the problem is, this man does
family law. If I want to say, to adopt a
child, or perhaps I'm in a custody
dispute, I don't really care where he
went to school; what I'm interested in is
how can this attorney help me with my
problem. And the reason why this is so
important and you need to pay attention
to it, is the About Us page is a buyer's
behavior. Think about it for a minute, if
you're going to read about a company
you're serious about doing business with
this company and you're doing due
diligence to make sure that you're
working with the right people. This
page is an important part of the
sales funnel and it also is important to
your credibility statement. Now we cover
both those topics in separate videos. Let
me give you another example of how I
handled an
About Us page that had some problems. You
see, there's a restaurant, it's in a
little town outside Boston and they
wanted me to rebuild their website. Their
About Us page went on forever. You see
the owners, the husband and wife, were
driving around town one night the first
restaurant they came to was overpriced
and stuffy. They didn't want to stop
there, so the next restaurant they go to
is inexpensive. But yeah the food just
wasn't any good. So they drive around
town for another 500 words or so and
finally she looks at him and says "gosh
darn it, we need to open our own
restaurant!"And then they go on and on
about how the restaurant was finally
opened. This doesn't give me a reason
to do business with this company. So I
started poking around asking a few
questions. It turns out they serve only
aged beef that really is hand selected.
The ranch is in the next little town
over and it's excellent. Better than that,
there's a local farmer that brings their
produce every morning fresh. So the night
before it was actually out in the field.
This is great stuff and it's an About Us
page that gives you a reason to eat at
this restaurant. That is the kind of
thing you want to do for your About Us
page. It's all about the product benefit.
Guys that's going to do it for this
particular lecture but you need to stay
with this you see, over the next couple
of videos we're going to get into SEO
and how to rank your website. I'll see
you then...

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