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It's not just the number of backlinks, it is the quality of the links themselves. Search Engines understand that a link coming in from a Blog or Review Site on your subject is better than a link coming from a site that is unrelated to your niche. Indeed, poor quality backlinks actually hurt a website. 

We also know through experimentation that a link inside a text paragraph is worth more than just a picture or logo link. And a link coming from a high Domain Authority site is even better. So several backlinks from quality sites can affect your Domain Authority and your search results. These two graphs show the quality of great backlinks.

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We can see that the first graph has higher quality backlinks than the second graph, or website. The second site will never rank well and these backlinks will hurt that site in search results. If you are looking for a great SEO Consultant, Tourism Marketing is the first step to business success.

We will conduct a full review of your on-site and off-site SEO and let you have a detailed report, normally around ten pages, showing exactly what we will do you help your tourism website. This report will review your site in detail and will serve as the map to our work to improve your search results.

We have used and recommend a company called The Hoth. While they have several products, we have had the most success with Hoth Blitz (Great backlinks!) and Hoth Local (Geta bigger package for better success). You can read & decide for yourself - click to the right.

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