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Ad Blockers

AdBlockers are bits of software that prevent ad networks from showing display ads on your favorite websites. This video explains why website publishers have lost control of their own sites and how these ad networks have completely trashed many websites.

The reaction to the pop-ups, pop-unders, ads that cover part of a text column, obnoxious flashing horrors, and computer locking scripts should have been predictable; except the ad networks don’t give a damn what you think.

Now, many websites, who are actually the victims of this war, are being forced to ask you to please turn off your AdBlocker software. If you don’t have such software, then I can tell you that you most likely live in Western Europe or North America. Penetration on some platforms in some regions is over ninety percent.

Ads on a Computer

Predictably, the ad networks think this is wrong and have engineers working to figure out how to cripple this software and regain control over your browser. These nightmare ads will continue until the above two regions also get onboard with stopping the ads. The US & EU account for most of the world’s economy so the bad actors will continue to ply their trade until it hits their wallets.

Why would this be a unit in this Section on filling your Funnel? Because there are many, many millions of the ad blocking clients installed on computers in North America and the EU. Remember, the last lecture was about buying ads on these very networks. You may well be paying for ads that are never seen. It’s important that you don’t throw money away on ads shown on smartphones with ad blocking software installed.

Ads from the Internet

You may want to take a moment to discuss this topic with your Sales Rep should you decide to try your hand at this form of online advertising. At the very least the Rep needs to know that you will not pay for something you didn’t get.

The big, Apple colored elephant in the room is… well, Apple. Remember Apple and Google are enemies and Google makes their living selling these very ads. Some analysts expect Apple to pre-install AdBlockers at some point. Apple’s devices will run better and Google will take a serious hit if Apple decides to go nuclear. Remember Flash on your phone?

The other recent, odd development is that Google may actually install And Blockers on their own Chrome web browser. Google understands how bad it has become and worries that Ad Blocking software will become wide-spread. In this nightmare, the Internet giant would have no say in how these blockers are configured. By pre-installing it themselves, they can allow ads that meet their standards to show and the revenue will continue to flow.

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