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How do you build a high quality website?
Normally, we don’t start with the website at all. We use keyword software to see exactly how many people are looking for certain things. We will also research how many people are searching for the words we can use in a domain name. Finally, we visit websites that do well in those key-phrases and look into their backlink profile. This research normally takes a couple of days. Only then, do we even begin to talk about what pages we want and what a website may look like. The number and subject of pages is determined by numbers, not by feelings. The client often wants to work backwards: colors and style first.

What is different about Tourism Marketing?
How tourists research before they leave is different than marketing for a local business. 97% of tourists are researching on the Internet before they leave home and these trips are planned about three months out. The underlying buyer psychology is the same so many of the theories still apply. Because these visitors are purchasing online before they leave, the Internet becomes the focus of your marketing. Selling tickets, rooms, and excursions on the website is often different because the site and associated Social Media platforms must complete the sale (self-contained sales funnel). Most of the money is spent before the car leaves the driveway and if your’e not a part of that process then your’e just fighting for scraps after they get into town.

What do I need to provide for you to build a website?

Look for us to talk a lot about text. You know what kinds of questions your customers have and we need you to provide us with text explaining how you solve their problems. We will also ask you about the benefits of choosing your business over everyone else. What do you do better than everyone else in town? We will also want photos and a good copy of logos, fonts, & icons. We will then take this text and rewrite it, using our keyword research from the question above.

Can you design our brochure?
Yes, we have a great deal of experience in print design. Newspaper, magazine, and billboard design are other areas where we have skill and experience. Having the same company do all graphics means that your company has a uniform look and style. This is important for Spaced Repetition.

Can you buy our advertising?
We do not consider ourselves an Ad Agency and normally don’t place buys for flights in traditional media. Having said that, we can read an Arbitron or Nielsen and understand the terminology. That fact alone puts us ahead of many sales reps.

What type of payments can you take?
We use PayPal and have for years. With this service, your credit card information never touches our server. It is not only the biggest payment acceptance service in the world, its also highly secure. In years, we have never had one single problem with using PayPal. They take the major cards and you don’t need an account to make a payment.

Will you review my website and tell me what’s wrong?
Sure, we will do a quick, cursory once-over at no charge. The in-depth analysis requires that you purchase a Consultation. Many folks think that simply adding in a few keywords will do the trick and they will rank well. While this situation must exist, we have never seen it. By the way, there are no shortcuts and ranking a website takes time.

Do you build Wordpress websites?
When we scratch build a site, we do not use Wordpress. Wordpress is most popular with people interested in a quick, pre-made website that keeps the designer away from any HTML code. This is a major plus if the goal a quick and dirty. It allows the designer to offer something cheap and that is a good feature. Because there are thousands (millions?) of sites built on the platform, if you can hack one you can hack them all. We had a client long time call in a panic one day because her Wordpress site had been hacked by a porno group. We could not help her and she had to use an expert in Wordpress hacker recovery. The direct answer to the question is that we don’t build in Wordpress but we do redesigns and help owners of Wordpress sites.

Do you work with Social Media?
Yes, that’s a integral part of marketing and we certainly work on several pages every day. Not only our own but also for clients. We also place Facebook buys every month - again for ourselves and for clients. We use some platforms more than others and will explain why when we chat.

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