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Email Marketing Basics

It’s no coincidence that a section on driving traffic has email as a featured lecture. Email has the highest ROI of any online marketing. The only thing with more power is Television but that is out of reach in terms of cost for most tourism based businesses.

You will also need a vendor in this business. Do not try to send emails yourself. You will find that services like Yahoo, Gmail and AOL will cut off your server. You say you don’t use AOL? No difference, anyone who uses that service will not be able to write you a note. It is also illegal to send spam (yes, you are a spammer!!!) and hardly cost anything to use a legitimate company.

Email Icon & Contact Book

The trick with email is to keep records. Record several facets for every last email:

  • Time of Day
  • Day of Week
  • Holiday
  • Subject Line
  • Open Rate
  • Click-through Rate
  • Description and Size of Image
  • Call to Action
  • How Often Forwarded
You will have to collect this information from your email service. By keeping careful records of what works and what doesn’t you will build a record that can be searched for patterns. Even a negative result is a result and you need to know.


By looking at one-hundred emails and getting the top and bottom ten results for each bullet point above you will begin to send letters that perform better. Your writing improves and soon your email campaign begins to become more effective.

You will use this information to inform your Facebook post. You will have a good idea of what will work on Twitter before you even bother sitting down at the computer.

Because there is so much competition using email today, the open & click-through rates are falling. For a tourism based business to succeed you will have to take a careful, even scientific approach. This is worth the effort. If you want to know more about this important issue, please contact us.

Video Transcript

Email marketers are quite fond of
telling you that email has the highest
ROI of any online advertising you can do,
and that's why we're going to cover it
first in Section 4. It's all about email.
Here we go...
I want to tell you the very most
important thing you can do for email
success right up front. You see, you've
got to record every email. I want you to
make a note of the time of day you sent
it, the day of the week, was there a
holiday coming up in the next day or so,
keep track of the subject line, in fact
record the entire subject line. How long
was the email, did the email contain a
large image, what you're trying to do is
build up a record of all the emails
you've sent over a period of time and
then go back and look for patterns
within that record. Do emails with
certain types of subject lines get
higher open rates? Do longer emails get
better click through rates? Click through
rate by the way, is the most important
thing. That's when people read your email
and then come to your website to a
specific landing page that that email
was all about. Do this and you will be
way ahead of most folks sending out
emails. Email may be one of the most
deceptive tools marketers use online. You
see, the folks who run the email
companies are going to tell you that
email has a huge conversion rate. The
highest online. Well as a matter of fact
that's correct but if you think about it,
email is down near the bottom of our
sales funnel. It's one of the very last
steps our would-be customers take before
they take the actual sale. So we expect
email to have a high conversion rate and
the email marketing companies probably
cannot take the credit for that. That you
really deserve by driving your customers
this far down in the funnel. Email is also
really the first time the customer has
given you active permission to contact
them at your leisure. This is really
important. Now one of the things that
that has to be in place for email to
work is a privacy policy. There are
several things but we want to start here
because it's the law.
I've made it a point to include a
privacy policy and a cookie policy on
every website I've built over the past
couple of years and I always put them
down at the bottom of the page. That's
fine, the search engines can find them
there. There are two reasons why you want
a privacy policy and a cookie policy; one
being that the search engines look for
it. They understand that a spammer or
pirate will only have a web page up for
a couple of hours and they really are
not going to bother with this kind of
thing. The privacy policy is stripped
down. This page has no graphics to speak
of and really down at the bottom of the
page you have just one choice: the
Homepage and that's it, and that is on
purpose. The page is primarily built for
the benefit of the search engines. In
order to get your free privacy policy,
just search in any of the engines and
you'll find a number of choices. I've
always had good luck with these and I
think you will too. One of the other
things you have to have is a promise you
promise you're not going to share that
email address with anyone. We all get too
much spam already. So the promise is
going to help you. It's also going to
help if you have a bribe. A small bride
but you need to have a bribe in place.
And how are you going to do that; what
are you going to use as a bride? Here's
your answer: PLR stands for private label
rights and there are several websites on
the Internet that sell PLR products and
you can basically go to one of these
websites and look up almost anything. It
can be an e-book, a video graphics
package. Whatever you're looking for, you
can find it on a PLR website. This website
is called The PLR And as you
can see, they've got a number of products
broken down into a large number of
various categories. Let's click on
Internet marketing.
That's kind of close to my heart. We see
for four bucks we can buy an article
on buying and selling websites, or an
article on e-commerce. So these are
excellent articles that we can use as
bonuses for people who sign up for our
particular product and for our email
list. Now there are other folks in this
business. I want to show you Best Quality
PLR dot-com for the reason that they
are the best quality. Whereas most folks
are going to charge you oh, I don't know,
six, eight dollars for a book or video.
These guys are going to charge you quite
a bit more. But let's see what we have.
How about WordPress crash course and we
have all kinds of things: a 23-page
report on the basics, but what it
includes that the others often don't is
its own squeeze page, various checklist
that you can use, an infographic, posters,
all kinds of things that you can use.
There's an autoresponder. All kinds of
things that you can use to promote your
product as a complete package. Now
instead of being six or eight dollars,
you can expect to pay more like 45 or 50.
This one happens to be 67 and I only
clicked it at random but it is a very
good way to drive traffic to your email
list. Next on our list; you're going to
need an email provider. Now this is where
people get in trouble. You see you're
thinking you can save twenty, thirty
dollars a month by doing it yourself.
Don't do it and there's several reasons
why. These providers will take care of
the email signups, the opt outs, they'll
keep you out of legal trouble. If you'll
use a provider also email providers all
have something called an autoresponder.
What's an autoresponder? That's where you
can go in write one email, one time,
thanking them for joining and if
somebody signs up for your email list at
two in the morning, they automatically
get that note. Two days later you're
going to send them another note and it's
going to have some information that you
believe that customer is interested in.
Now six months from now people new
people who sign up will also get that
information. Your autoresponder as a
matter of fact is going to send emails
out for you for forever really. But
you'll send an email every few days for
several weeks in order to teach that
customer exactly who you are. One of the
other things the email providers will
help you with is an opt-out. At the
bottom of every email you send out
they're also going to put the street
address into every email you send out.
That also keeps you within the law. Let
me show you a couple of my favorite
email companies. I wanted to start our
short survey with Constant Contact.
Constant Contact is the biggest in the
business for a reason: they have a really
huge integration with all kinds of
services. Really it's it's difficult to
think of Constant Contact is just an
email organization. They have a large
number of small apps that you can use in
your place of business. You can go ahead
and set up all sorts of services that go
far beyond email using Constant Contact.
Now as you would expect, Constant Contact
is a bit more expensive for a complete
integrated product. In fact I probably
shouldn't say a bit more expensive they
are more expensive. The one most popular
among professional email marketers seems
to be aWeber. aWeber is not nearly as
expensive but they offer an awful lot of
nice things. For example, some beautiful
templates. These templates are really
nice and will allow almost anyone to
make a beautiful newsletter that you can
send out that can be opened on cell
phones and
and all types of things. Did you know that
emails that have emojis in the subject
lines (the little smiley face) have a
forty-five percent increase in unique
open rates. That's pretty amazing to me.
Personalize your emails. Now limit it to
just the person's name in the subject
line or in the opening "Hi Dean". If you do
too much more than that, it it gets kind
of creepy. But it is important that you
personalize the email as much as you can.
And don't send your emails from a
no-reply address, go ahead and put down
the name the company or email of the
person who sent it. That way it is
a little more likely to get opened. Now
email is getting harder and that's
important to note. The click-through
rates are dropping, the open rates are
dropping, but in spite of all of that
email is still highly effective and it's
well worth your time. I hope you will
experiment with email. Remember there's a
place where you can get 500 for free and
if you do that, you'll be well on your
way to adding quite a bit to your bottom
line. Don't forget if you have any
questions for me, it's easy enough to get
ahold of me right on the website. And I'm
standing by. I'll help you in any way I
can. Take care I'll see you next time...

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