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This is a Lecture that was put together because Udemy students ask what I use, personally, when working for a client. I can understand the curiosity. I catch myself looking at icons on a desktop when I watch a video online. Do you also look at their software Icons?

The only thing worth mentioning in this written Tip is that I don't use the Adobe CS suite in most of my work. Yes, I have it on my desktop back home but I haven't been home in over a year and may never go back.

I don't like paying stupid sums of money for something that will be updated shortly. At which point I will be invited to pay again. I also want my software with me, not on an Adobe server because of my lifestyle. In the Video Tip, we look at some of the software I use and I explain why I picked certain packages.

I'll close this by repeating that I am not compensated and you are welcomed to buy anything that works for you.

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