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Simply put: video is where you must be to succeed on the Internet today. Video is the most common form of traffic online today and all that traffic exists because it works. YouTube alone gets more viewers than any Cable TV Network in the United States. Of course, Facebook is right on their heels and may pass YouTube at anytime.

Why is this such a big deal? There is one simple fact that explains everything: the more time a visitor spends on a website, the more likely that person is to make a positive purchasing decision.

So, if you embed a video and that makes a visitor stay an extra two minutes, you will see an increase in sales. Sounds simple — because it is!

Now there are a number of other questions:

  1. Where on the page should the video be located? (above the fold)
  2. Should the video auto-start (not if your target prospect works in an office)
  3. How long should the video be? (maybe two minutes or so)

These are some of the topics covered in the video and we will not cover everything again here.

Tleviaion Switch Board

If you want to test this for yourself, it is easy to do: do an A/B test using Google Analytics. You’ll find that under experiments on your Analytics dashboard. There is a separate lecture on Analytics and you’ll find the details there.

Video and movement on the page are intertwined and both are highly effective. Like any other form of candy, this is easy to over-do. Video is a big file and requires high bandwidth. You also want your visitor to see the site, not just the video.

In this spinning Earth example, we added the video down the page. This will allow the page "above the fold" to load and the visitor can start to look while the bigger file continues to load.

Movement is often a JS (Java) file and a couple can bog down a computer. I have found some browsers don’t always like JS and will simply lock-up if given much. And you should give careful thought to video & Java playing on a phone at all. Candy for a child is a good analogy.

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