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Newspaper is the oldest of the Old Media and many Internet marketeers simply have no interest at all. We would advise you to keep an open mind. Newspaper ads are some of the very best advertising we have ever done - ever (we explain in the video).

The constant reference point when comparing prices in newspaper ads is called the Cost per Thousand Impressions. Here's an article that explains. In other words, how much will it cost you for one thousand people to see your ad? This levels the playing field between newspapers with larger circulations and smaller imprints.

Newspapers ads the four corners are more effective than an ad that runs out in the center of the page. Ads that are on the top half of the page are called “above the fold”. These are often considered more attractive.

It would be logical to assume that if you double the size of your ad, you would get twice as many customers. The reality is that the bigger ad will get a multiple of higher impressions compared to the smaller ad. If you can afford the bigger ad, buy it.

Some of the most effective advertising Dean has ever done was a combination of Newspaper and Spaced Repetition. This is an enormously successful technique and is explained in the video. Its well worth exploring if more of your clientele is local and middle-aged.

The final segment in the video concerns what to advertise. The obvious temptation will be to get rid of some dogs (a retail term for an item with slow turn). Don’t do it! If visitors to your store are not looking for that item, why do you think they will be looking for it in the newspaper. Instead, advertise your hottest item, the thing folks lust after… something they will drive to your business to get.

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