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It’s important to keep in mind that many of these videos are all about how to fill the top of your Sales Funnel. Facebook is a platform many use for this purpose because of the sheer size of the portal.

The video covers several types of advertising list, or audiences you can create. Because of the low cost, you are urged to try several of these list types, a few include:

  • Target audiences you create for your ad.
  1. Age
  2. Geography
  3. Interest
  4. Job
  • Submit your email list to Facebook and they will find about half of these addresses in their database. An excellent way to create multiple points of contact.
  • Create a Look Alike Audience: Facebook is good at taking your list and creating another with people who have the same interest and lifestyle.
  • ReTargeting: This technique is so effective it got a large part of our Online Advertising video.

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Perhaps the best thing about Facebook advertising is the low cost of entry. For just a few dollars, you can test an idea.

You should know that most Facebook pages fail. A small business owner will start a page and work on it like its the most important thing in the world. Then after about two months, the owner realizes that he has fifty Likes and simply walks away.

Do not do this. Your customers come to your page later and they think you are active. They send a message or comment on a post and you don’t respond. At this point they conclude that you don’t care. You have taken a positive (a social page) and turned it into a negative. It is much better to turn that page off than have your customers think you don’t care about them.

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Involve your Followers on your Facebook page. Tell them about some future ideas and plans: Want to add a widget to your products? Ask what they think. You may have already decided but ask anyway. Polls and contest are also effective.

You will begin to notice the same names come up again and again. These people will become your Brand Evangelists and you want to get to know them. Private Message them and offer them a free dessert or tickets or popcorn (whatever) and make sure they know that they are important. When they come in, make sure you or the Manager takes care of them personally. These are the people who will defend you when someone leaves a negative review or comment.

You cannot build a successful Facebook page without advertising. I don’t care what you read on the Internet!
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