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The purpose of a website is to help the visitor make a positive purchasing decision. Anything that helps accomplish this task is worthwhile. A well designed FAQ page will accomplish three task:

  1. Ranks well in SERP (Search Engine Results Page)
  2. Answers common questions
  3. Allows subtle up-sell opportunities.

Why would an FAQ page rank better than other pages? The search engines look for quality results and if the searcher types in a question that is the same as the question on your FAQ Page, that page answers the question and will show at the top of the results page. The search engine sees the same question and see an answer: that’s golden.

As we said at the top of this page the website is here to help the visitor make a positive purchasing decision. There will be several common questions and by answering these questions quickly, you remove objections, clearing the way for a purchase. Even answer negative questions like: why is your widget more expensive?

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Third on the list was up-sells. Please be careful here, if it becomes evident that this is a sales page and not an FAQ page you lose all credibility and will lose the sale — now. If a better solution can be had for only a little more money, it would be remiss not to include this information as part of the answer. Do not use every question as an up-sell!

Finally, don’t forget to include links to matching pages out on the website as part of your FAQ answer. These links will not only lead to higher sales, they will also give a small boost to your SERP score (search results).

Video Transcript

This time we're at the ruins of Kantera
Castle. The first records of Kantera
Castle, they to 1054 and this place was
never taken. The Crusaders, Richard the
Lionheart, everyone was here and this
fortress is really impenetrable. This
time it's Lecture 3.4, the FAQ page. Let's
get started.
The FAQ page dates from 1983 and a NASA
Newsletter. It turns out typing
Frequently Asked Questions again and
again, becomes a bit of a pain. Now why do
you want an FAQ page on your website?
Well you do, and it's because this is one
of the most important pages as far as
SEO is concerned. As a matter of fact,
it's so important you really need to
include this on your main menu. Now
you'll want to add links from your FAQ
page to all the other pages in your
website. The idea is is that you're going
to use this page to draw folks deeper
into your website and you can upsell
using your FAQ page. Just be subtle about
it. So a lot of the questions you will
have heard again and again in the
operation of your business and
occasionally you'll be able to upsell by
suggesting the answer to your customers
problems. Search Engines love the FAQ
page and one reason for that is it
allows you to type a text string that
exactly matches what the visitor's
looking for. Think about it for a second:
how do i do X X X? Well that will be one
of the questions on your page and the
Search Engines will find that and rank
that page very highly for that specific
question. Now less customer support is
another benefit. Think about it for a
second; if you're getting asked the same
questions from time to time and the
customer can find the questions right on
the page. It's better for them. But
there's more than one way to do almost
anything. You can have a Wiki for example,
or you can have a customer support
dialogue come up right on the page. Let's
take a closer look. I wanted to start off
with this particular piece of software...
It's called Media Wiki and the reason
why I wanted to show it to you first is
the odds are you already have it and may
not know it. You see, it's available in
cPanel and if you're not sure what that
is, there is a video on that subject in
series. But it's a one-click install, very
easy to do and once you have it you can
set up something like this. This is from
the Mediawiki website and I'm sure
you're familiar with the format already.
But you can just click on an item it
will drop you down to that particular
subject and it's a very quick and easy
way to do a FAQ page with an awful lot
of subjects. The other thing I'd like to
show to you real quick is Live Helper
Chat. Like the other software, this is a
one-click install. Absolutely free so
it's worth doing and you're already
familiar with this. Down here in the
corner, remember you can click on this
and ask a question and folks will be
happy to help you, and this can be
customized. Of course, you'll put the
picture of one of your operators and
matching colors for your website. When
somebody types a question and it shows
on your desktop as long as you have the
Admin area open. It can be minimized down
in the toolbar. Well I hope this answers
a few of your questions about the FAQ
page, I do recommend you give it a try. It
will rank well in search and it's going
to help your customers. Coming up next
time, it is the About Us page and why you
need one. And the reason is probably
not what you're thinking. That's Lecture
3.5. I'll see you then.

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