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Automated Marketing: Mautic Review

This video is an honest, uncompensated review of Mautic. Automated marketing is the future and we believe this software will lead the way… soon.

In the past, it has cost between one & two-thousand dollars a month to rent automated marketing software. That's why Mautic is so revolutionary, it's open source; meaning that it's free… if you know how to install & use it.

This video list what you need to know to install the software. It also mentions some of the problems we had with our installation.

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Here's a quick overview of how Mautic works: The software tracks everybody who visits any of your online properties. These folks are divided into two groups:

  • Visitors; these are people who have visited out pages but we do not yet know who they are. Now, besides knowing what pages they have been to (what their interest are), we also know the city and country they are from.
  • Contacts; these are visitors who have given us more information. Namely a name an email address. Its this information coupled with the information above that gives the software it's power. Over time, we will add more to the information file on this person.
Using the above we now can send contacts information that we know is of interest to them. If they have spent time on a page that describes a product, then that is what their next email will be about. This creates useful, relevant newsletters that are sure to be opened.

Mautic Installation Options

Obviously, for Mautic to track a visitor across all platforms, it must be installed on every page you have. Common sense, right? This means a big time commitment and we don't mean one afternoon.

In order for Mautic to send a relevant email for every situation, an email must be written for every situation. Then we need to write two follow-up emails: one for if the first note was opened and another in case it wasn't. Clearly, this will blossom into a couple hundred emails quickly.

Do not think the above is a complaint, its not. But you must be clear-eyed about the commitment before you jump in. This is worth the effort. If you want to know more about this important issue, please contact us.

Video Transcript

If you want to know when our next videos
are coming out, obviously you have to subscribe.
And to be notified, you have to hit the
little Bell notification. Alright guys,
here we go. It's all about marketing and
by that I mean online automated
marketing through a piece of software
called Mautic.
I think Mautic's terrific. Mautic is the
future of Internet marketing, but I
uninstalled it on my website and I'm
going to tell you why. Let's go to work.

I suppose the best place to start is with
a quick overview of how marketing works
online today. Usually, it's all about
email. Email is near the bottom of our
Sales Funnel (and we've got a video on
that) and typically it's something like
this: Let's say you own a hotel in a
small tourism town and a guy named Bob
comes to your website. Bob is interested
in signing up for your newsletter
because he's been to the page that talks
all about the big family suites. Now, the
family suite has three bedrooms and it's
$500 a night. You would really like Bob
for a customer. The following week
however, you send out an email that's all
about the rooms over by the pool this is
not relevant to Bob. Bob deletes the
email and the weekend after that you've
got a special that includes a free
continental breakfast, a hot breakfast.
Once again that's not what Bob signed up
for. So surprise, surprise, Bob doesn't
open any more of your emails. Now, let's
compare that with automated marketing.
Bob goes to your website and once again
he visits the exact same page; but this
time the software knows what page he
visits and then Bob signs up for the
newsletter. The software will send Bob an
email specifically about the suite that
Bob was looking at. Now Bob's very
interested in this. Obviously he's going
to open that email. The software a few
days later, whatever you decide, is going
to send Bob another email. And this time
Bob doesn't open it. The software knows
that and it will wait, whatever you
decide, we'll say 24 hours, and send Bob a
second email. But this one is an actual
letter from you and it's got Bob's name
in it, it's personalized. "Hey Bob, did you
know that we're going to have a special
on our Presidential Suites? I thought I'd
let you know. Now you have to be careful
here, because if you get too personal it
really kind of freaks Bob out. So you're
just gonna mention a couple things.
You're not gonna talk about where he
visited your Facebook page, or what town
he lives in, but you will mention that
you're going to have this special and
it's coming up in the next newsletter.
You can guarantee Bob's going to open
that. So the idea is you've got customer
engagement and customized emails. By the
way, it doesn't have to be an email; it
could be an SMS message going to his
phone, it can be one of those browser
notifications that slides in from the
side or the bottom, depending on your OS,
or it can send it to you on a Tweet. Now,
if Bob says anything on Twitter the
software knows it. It gives the software
another excuse to send a letter from you,
personalized to him, thanking him for the
Tweet or the mention on Facebook, or
whatever it happens to be. Now the
software once again is called Mautic,
Mautic dot org. There are four things you
need to know to install the software: One,
is how to do DNS records and I mention
that first because if you mess this up,
you broke your website. You need to know
how to do
text records and MX records, which is the
email. You're also going to need to know
how to set up a my SQL database. Not
terribly difficult and it's getting
easier every year. SMTP is where your
software talks to the email company. And
it's not aWeber, or one of the easy ones.
This may be the most complex of the four
steps and finally something called
Chrone jobs, which allows your server to
automatically do all of these things
that Mautic is trying to tell it to do.
So basically Mautic is terrific. It is
customized marketing and it's done the
way the customer wants it. Now Mautic
has these campaigns which may consist
of five or six different emails and it will
switch the customer from one campaign to
the next, based on what actions the
customer has taken, or based on how
many points the customer has. Now what's that?
The points are assigned to the customer
every time that customer takes an action:
he opens one of your emails, he goes back
to your website, he reads the About Us
Page (an interesting video about customer
buying behavior) and so over time will
accrue a certain number of points. At that
point we're going to move Bob on to a
new campaign. This time we're not talking
about the room anymore, the education
part is over, we're talking about Bob
getting down here. When does he want to
come? You're going to have a special "if
you'll come on these dates." We're doing
things to encourage Bob to pick up the
phone and call.
So that's Mautic. Mautic is awesome; I
honestly believe Mautic is the future. And
I uninstalled it from my website, like I
mentioned in the open. Why? Well Mautic is
big expansive software, as you would
guess. It's it's installed on everything,
everywhere, and it tracks lots
of customers. All of that's fine, but it
has to be ready for primetime. You have
to remember; I'm going to help you set up
Mautic. At least that's my job, and in
order to do that the software has to
function because if I tell you: "look in
two weeks this is gonna be ready for you
and you come back and it's not, you're
not gonna be happy and you're not gonna
be happy with me, specifically.
So Mautic needs to... churn a little bit.
It needs to mature, it needs to
stew some more. The company is only about
two years old. When I installed it, I
would push the button for the form that
you would put on your website to sign up
for whatever and it would say "Please
Wait." So I go back to their forums and I
read all about it and there's about ten
different things I can do. I did them all
over the course of a couple of days and
it still didn't work. Which told me that
I really can't come to you and talk
about it like I'm going to sell it to
you, because it ain't gonna work. There
are two situations where I would really
recommend you give Mautic a try. One is if
you have a full marketing department. Now,
as part of this department you have a
guy who can write PHP. He's an honest to
God code writer. He can look at the code
and tell you what's wrong and correct it.
That's great, go ahead and get Mautic. The
other place would be is if you have a
little bit of money and you're willing
to invest it in your website, and
hopefully you are, then Mautic is a
terrific choice because you can
essentially give Mautic your website.
They install it on their servers. They
take care of everything. They're people
of course, are very familiar with the
software. They have coders on staff, if
there's a problem they take care of it,
and that's really what they're set up
for. But of course that's going to cost
However, I still believe in this software
it is awesome and I'm going to check
back with this company about every six
months or so, and see if they get all the
little kinks ironed out. And if they do,
I'm certainly going to install it and
I'm going to come back here and tell you
all about it.
Guys, that's gonna do it for this time.
Once again, thank you very much and we'll
see you soon, bye-bye

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