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Email Campaigns @ Stupid Low Prices

Are you getting a four or six percent open rate? Yeah, we can fix that.


Why use us?

  • Control! You have the software on your computer
  • It cost only pennies per Newsletter!
  • You have a name and someone to talk to
  • We clean & validate addresses
  • We will even write & send the email if you want
  • Full Reports
  • We Understand Tourism Marketing

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Custom Reports

This is really a product created after months of frustration with what was available. We would send a campaign for clients only to have very few emails actually hit the in-box. We could not control what others using the same service were doing. Result: we (you) have no control over our delivery. Once others trash the server reputation, your emails get routed to the spam folder. You have no control over your own reputation with the big email providers (Gmail, Yahoo, etc).

How we solved the problem: We took control over our own email service. We use Amazon SES, html email creation software, and software called Sendy. So we no longer log-into an email company, we actually send emails from our own computers (or clients, of course). We get to the in-box now in numbers like those guys on the Internet you read about.

Yes, you can do this too! We can help you set-it up, or you can do it yourself. We can create high converting Newsletters for you or you can do it yourself. We can do as much, or as little as you want.

How do I know if I need your help?
If you can do the following, you can install the software yourself:

  • Change DNS (txt) & MX entries in cPanel
  • Have a SMTP friendly Host
  • Set-up CRON jobs on the Server
  • Create a MySQL Database
Well there is more, but if you understand the above, you can install the software yourself. Now, a word of caution for the do-it-yourselfer: If you mess up a couple of these, you break your website.

The problem became so serious for us and our clients we decided to do something about it.

  • We purchased email/HTML creation software
  • We have purchased reporting software
  • We procured Amazon SES server space
  • We have retained an Email Validation service

Completely Compatable… all the way to the in-box.

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Why Not Learn More?

This means we can create a custom Newsletter for each client. Exactly what you want. Then we plug everything into control software we have purchased just for you. Now you have:

  1. Auto Responders so you can create your own drip campaigns
  2. Automated unsubscribe links… no post clean-up
  3. Verified addresses from your list; no bad emails
  4. Custom fields… add client’s first names (or anything) to the subject line
  5. Full reporting - bounces, opens & clicks, and even countries
  6. Real Time!

What is email validation?

How this will help you

Did you know that a list will normally consist of up to forty percent bad addresses?

Why is this important? Because major email service providers, like Gmail & Yahoo Mail, use these numbers to determine where to put your mail: SPAM or In-Box. You start out 40% down.

Validation Report

Let's Sort This Out!

  1. TYPOS: Simply entering the wrong address is a common occurrence. We will find and clean all bad addresses.
  2. BROWSERS: These folks are not going to buy your services, they sign-up using an email address sat aside for products the never plan to buy. Separate real prospects from time wasters.
  3. BAD ADDRESSES: We find and clean a wide range of genuinely bad addresses and we will tell you why. The reasons include, full mailboxes, mailbox not present, catch-all addresses, SPAM-traps, and more.
  4. REAL, CONFIRMED ADDRESSES: These are the addresses you want and these customers will add value to your business.

Want to set-up your own email marketing? Just let us know below.

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