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The reviews you get will affect how you rank in search.

Today, all search engines and Google in particular, are carefully curating online reviews. They not only reward good reviews, bad reviews hurt search results and fake reviews are getting sites badly penalized.

First, let's look at a few facts compiled by the Hoth SEO Company:

  • 93% of US Consumers check reviews before shopping or dining.
  • Google Reviews come in as the #1 positive correlating factor - and rank even higher in Local Search.
  • Mom SEO says reviews account for 13% of a site's overall ranking.
  • There is up to a 30% click through rate (CTR) increase for sites with Star reviews in Google search.

Trustworthy Graphic

You can add something called Schema Mark-up to your site's HTML which will allow the search engines to add the review stars to your your listing in search results. It's these stars that leads to the 30% increase in CTR mentioned above.

You must have more than five Google+ reviews to get into the Three Pack.

We use star reviews to help our client be the first site seen in this search. This is inside the 3 Pack, at the very top of the page.

3 Pack & Reviews
Reviews & Customers Graph

  • 92% of Consumers read online reviews to determine if a business is good.
  • 80% of Consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations.
  • 30% of Consumers are likely to spend more with a business that has excellent online reviews.

Did you know that star reviews added right to a product item (like a hotel room & dinner) will receive up to an 18% lift at the point of sale. For most websites with an order page, this is an enormous lift in sales.

One technique being utilized by some SEO companies in an effort to slow negative reviews is being proactive in requesting feedback. The idea here is quite simple, by asking if there was a problem during the purchase process, the customer is given the opportunity to complain directly to the vendor (you) instead of running to Facebook. Actively seeking feedback is proving highly effective at limiting the number of negative reviews that do find their was online.

In our Tip on Negative Reviews, we mention that you should not fear these type of reviews and they can even help the company improve. However, it is critical that you ask the customer early in the process for feedback - before he has the chance to begin the review process.

There is software available to assist in the review process. Tourism Marketing Tips offers reputation management services and you can learn more about the process and the software by visiting that page.

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