HD Tourism Webcams Drive Traffic!

Skyline Webcams is a new technology created for promoting cultural heritage and tourism around the world.

Statics show that live webcams are clearly the most popular and best viewed destination among tourism website visitors. You can dive massive new traffic to your website without the cost of PPC and other forms of marketing.

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Skyline Webcams - Tourism Camera

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These cameras only need two screws, access to a standard power outlet, and the regular ethernet cable you already use. You will spend little on installation and will have your new camera online in minutes.

Not only will the live stream embed right into your website, it may also be featured on the Skyline website, which gets ten million monthly page views!

Available Features & Services:

  • Built-in Microphone or
  • Access your sound system
  • Underwater Camera
  • Pay-Per-View
  • Include/Exclude Geographic Areas
  • Monetize Event with Ad Server
  • Live Events
  • Quality-Made in Italy
  • Mobile Support
  • Video On-Demand after Event

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