Make Your Phone Ring With ZERO Investment!

Lead Generation

We provide red-hot leads to fuel your business. Troubles with your online marketing? We get it.

How about this: we start making your phone ring with live, qualified prospects searching for your services, you convert them into happy customers. Oh, and you don't pay a dime until they call. Period.

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Why Lead Generation?

  • 100% Risk Free No contracts. No up front fees. No shared leads. No gimmicks. It’s up to us to generate leads, and you ONLY pay when a potential customer contacts you.
  • 100% Trackable Each call is recorded and screened so we only charge you for solid leads. You’re not responsible for call backs, hang ups, or telemarketing calls!
  • 100% Effective Our model is structured so so we don’t make a dime unless YOUR business grows. We become highly invested in your success, your partners in profitability!

We Specialize in Making Your Phone Ring.

You want to grow your business… you don’t want a degree in online marketing.

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You want simple.   You have a business to run, and you’re busy. You just want brand new customers who are desperately in need of your products or services to find you and call you!

We CAN help.

We will do all the ‘online stuff’, and you pay us only after your phone rings. When we bring you new potential customers – you pay us. If we don’t bring you new potential customers, you don’t pay us. It’s that simple.

FACT: Desperate customers are searching for you RIGHT NOW.

It doesn’t matter what the economy is like, the size of your geographic market, or how stiff the competition is. People near you are having problems that only your business can solve. And they are searching online for the right business to help them… but sadly, like most businesses,  they are finding your competitors, and doing business with them.

Quite simply, our marketing helps them to find you.

Our team members are experts at web development, search engine optimization, and online marketing and conversion. What all this means is we know how to find where your future customers are spending their time, and put the right marketing materials in front of them to elicit a call to you. We’ve gotten very good at this- so good, we’ve moved into a bold, innovative business model you’re going to want to hear more about.

You only pay when your phone rings.

Most marketing firms and advertising agencies require a monthly fee, and make vague promises about the effectiveness of their efforts. They let you know about exposure- “This magazine goes out to 50,000 homes.” “A radio commercial is heard by 100,000 people in town.” “There are 10,000 online searches for your keyword.”

The big problem with this, or course, is exposure doesn’t guarantee your phone will ring. And, more importantly, exposure by itself doesn’t guarantee you will put a single dollar in your pocket.

What you’re looking for is leads. Interested people who pick up the phone to inquire about your services, or fill out a web form requesting a quote.

Our model is you will ONLY be charged if we send a unique, qualified lead directly to you. We will never ask for a dime unless we do.

We become your partner in profitability.

Since we are compensated only when potential customers contact you, we become highly invested in your success.  Our goal is not simply to increase the quantity of leads we send to you, but also the quality.   By refining people we target in your specific niche, we build towards our goal of a long term relationship helping you grow your business.  When you win, we win!

We’re only looking for ONE.

One of this biggest complaints we hear about lead generation services is that the same lead is shared between multiple service providers.  If you’re not the first one to call this prospect, you’ve just paid for the opportunity to annoy  someone on the phone.

We only provide exclusive leads- we will only work with one plumber in Orlando, one dentist in Seattle, etc.  And every single qualified lead we generate rings directly on our clients phone, and no where else.