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Finally… Make your marketing make you money.

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Our typical client has an online campaign that is underperforming. We help these small to medium sized companies get their marketing working!

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Despite the junk mail you get, no-one has found the flaw in the Google algorithm. There are no magic shortcuts to hard work. We build communities of Friends, backlinks, and content through honest, white hat techniques. There is no secret.

Congratulations to our friends & clients at Busy Bees Estate Agents, nation-wide winner for Best Marketing! 2016 - 2017

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About Us

The purpose of this site is to help you find and fix the issues holding your business back. Consider this: how can you tell your web designer what you want if you don’t know why your website isn’t getting enough visitors? 

Tourism Marketing Tips uses Integrated Marketing as the basis of everything we do. We always start with basic buyer psychology and end with the sales funnel. It's a bit like the basketball coach insisting that the youngster learn to dribble before trying a slam-dunk.

If you don't understand basic buyer behavior, you cannot recognize and capitalize on the patterns you will see inside your Sales Funnel. With this in mind, you may wish to visit our Tourism Marketing Tips area and watch a couple of videos. There are over five hours of these videos on numerous important subjects.

The Tips pages are broken into five general categories:

  1. Buyer Psychology
  2. Traditional Media
  3. Website Design
  4. Search Engine Optimization
  5. The Sales Funnel
Notice that these categories run from basic to more advanced techniques.

Most businesses, including tourism based businesses, build their websites as a standalone project. This is good for the web designer building the new site: little thought is given to how the project will fit into the rest of the Sales Funnel. Style, text, images, and occasionally even logos don’t need to match anything else. This is also easier for the publisher (site owner), who has paid for a beautiful new site, not the hassle of finding new text and images. The marketing theory involved is called Spaced Repetition.

All this is fine, except it violates several theories of marketing. For example, did you know that the average person (according to a Harvard study) needs to see an image, text, or sound 5 ½ times before that item is committed to long-term memory? The theory is called Spaced Repetition and its the basis for learning. If a website doesn’t duplicate elements found in your other marketing materials, how will you get all 5 ½ impressions in? Two or three mistakes of this size and the entire business could be effected. This is why you need a tourism marketing expert who builds websites instead of a website designer who has worked with tourism attractions.

Another area of this website we find helpful is the Website SEO Test. This is the most complete on-site SEO test we have found. The results are available in just a minute and a complete PDF is also emailed to you for a later, close review. We have found that the test is so involved, that we are needed to interpret the results from time to time.

To help the tourism industry, we started this entire website, dedicated to offering free marketing tips. No strings, no sign-ups, just serious, doable information to help your succeed.

By educating you, we help ourselves. Stated another way; we do want to make profit and the more you know, the better the odds you will choose a quality, serious company to help you bring in more customers.

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