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Today, most companies have a Facebook Page, a Twitter account, and maybe a few videos. But when it comes to actual sales - it’s all about that site!

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Software for your research before starting any project.

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This is an amazing secret weapon that will drive thousands of visitors a month to your site at a price you can love.
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97% of families are researching destinations before leaving on a trip.
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Do you only have ten or twenty visitors a day to your website?
We will solve your problem.

About Us

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The purpose of this site is to help you find and fix the issues holding your business back. Consider this: how can you tell your web designer what you want if you don’t know why your website isn’t getting enough visitors? 

Tourism Marketing Tips is a specialized, boutique studio dedicated helping small businesses in Europe and the US get more money from their marketing efforts. 

Most businesses, including tourism based businesses, build their websites as a standalone project. This is good for the web designer building the new site: little thought is given to how the project will fit into the rest of the Sales Funnel. Style, text, images, and occasionally even logos don’t need to match anything else. This is also easier for the publisher (site owner), who has paid for a beautiful new site, not the hassle of new text and images. 

All this is fine, except it violates several theories of marketing. For example, did you know that the average person (according to a Harvard study) needs to see an image, text, or sound 5 ½ times before that item is committed to long-term memory? The theory is called Spaced Repetition and its the basis for learning. If a website doesn’t duplicate elements found in your other marketing materials, how will you get all 5 ½ impressions in? Two or three mistakes of this size and the entire business could be effected. This is why you need a tourism marketing expert who builds websites instead of a website designer who has worked with tourism attractions.

To help the tourism industry, we started an entire website dedicated to offering free marketing tips. No strings, no sign-ups, just serious, doable information to help your succeed.

By educating you, we help ourselves. Stated another way; we do want to make profit and the more you know, the better the odds you will choose a quality, serious company to help you bring in more customers.

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If you sign-up for our newsletter, we will send you a free copy of Marketing 101. This 72 page PDF by

If you sign-up for our newsletter, we will send you a free copy of Marketing 101. This 72 page PDF covers the basics in tourism marketing and will help your business! By the way, you can unsubcribe anytime you want. Privacy Policy

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Prefer to have it in writing? Great, just let us know and we are happy to send you our product catalog. Our little catalog is only twenty pages long but contains information and pricing on all our primary products.

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Our single most popular product is the Consultation. Dean Lewis personally reviews all online platforms and any available offline materials and will spend two hours with you on Skype, FaceTime, or even your phone. Your session even comes with a money-back guarantee… But you better bring something to write on because Dean doesn't mess around.

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This report goes into unusual detail and often runs ten or more pages. The great part? Its free! This is a no obligation review of on-page and off-page factors that will determine why your website ranks the way it does. Just ask for your no-strings website review.

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Tourism Marketing Tips is a service of Dean Lewis, Marketing Consultants. We are licensed in the US State of Tennessee and charge TN residence tax on certain items.


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